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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all about the structure. >> thanks, pat. >> thanks, harvey. and thanks david for joining us and thank you for joining us on
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and welcome to the repeatedly scheduled meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission. tuesday june 18, 2013. black stone call the roll >> all right. we have commissioner (calling names) our brand new commissioner just fully vented. >> i wrote the. for you >> thank you. that's part of our speech >> i'd like to thank s g tv for broadcasting our commission hearings and making them
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available to the public free of charge. i want to welcome barbara as our new neb member. she has a lot of experience she's been auditing our commission for months and months and months. welcome aboard >> thanks it's my pleasure to be here. first order of business is public comment. this is the opportunity that the public has to address the items under our jurisdiction that are not on the agenda. seeing none. public comments is closed. item 2 review an approval of the minutes commissioners.
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>> i move to approve. >> second. >> we have a motion and a second is there a comment public comment is closed. i'll take the vote (calling names) oh, commissioner joseph. i >> she can't vote she wasn't here. i'm sorry you can vote next time >> all right. thank you so much. item 3 is the report for our sound like tech. >> hello commissioners. a few items that i'll highlight on the list have to admit.
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we had an incident i'll go over we had a permanent event on fourth street and we're going to be able to resolve at 524 and it was great. also, we have a few interesting things we're kind of looking into one of which was an issue at atmosphere and also we're still getting some continued issues at the cellular. we're getting a high number that
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is unusual. but outside of that i will keep it short and to the point and i have a question. so i have had a series of calls about that >> yes. >> i mean personally, i've had calls about vessel can you elaborate. >> what we've noticed in the last month and a half vessel is one we don't see a lot of violence bow now we have 6 incident reports. so and they're all violence >> almost all of them are violence may be one theft. >> on that same note they've
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changed their programs to encourage more devices businesses. >> i believe they have vessel has had a pretty open programming for a lot of venues stick to one program vessels kind of bounced around. >> are they becoming for consistent. >> i don't know but this is something we're looking at. >> any other questions? >> any public comment on our sound report. >> the director's report. >> no our executive director is out of town tonight. >> can i q ask a question.
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we have a gay pride coming up can he alert the community or the permit holders about public safety? >> yeah. i think i'm going to defer to. >> the pride event manager along with sf p.d. have is a plan. the only lester with the public if you see something is something. so that is our first alert. and that's about it but there is security plans that, you know, i'll not elaborate about the
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event >> the saturday is one of the heights so once again, you know, we'll be just as vice president joseph said we'll be working on that and we've had some long conversations. and we'll be on site and we'll be bringing in adult probation. as i know the day of saturday and sunday we don't see many problems >> thank you very much and any public comment on the sound techs report. closed >> police comments and questions.
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strangulationly enough steve is missing. nobody. nobody >> you want to come on up everything you say has to be said in the report. >> i'll be here for a couple of weeks. >> he deserved a vacation. i have one report there was a drunk. it happened on the 14 accounting i believe they were two unruly patrons >> i did have is a question.
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there's a restaurants have they had any more incidents >> where is it located. >> it's close to post and another street. >> yeah, the last 3 times we closed so so far as we know there are no new issues. >> all right. >> do you want to come up. >> hi. >> i'm representing bay view station. i have a few comments in relation to cocoa >> are they on the agenda and a okay. thank you. >> all right. >> all right.
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is there a public comment on the police departments comments. seeing none, no one public comment closed >> applications for permits for happy doughnuts. extended hours permit. i don't know is mr. y here >> he's been operating happy doughnuts and this was brought to us because there was an attempted robbery a few months ago. we would like to continue to provide doughnuts and coffee. they've submitted some
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conditions >> do very own the happy doughnuts on king street and third oh, he's here. >> come on up. >> hello. do you own the happy doughnuts on third? >> we don't. >> one of my favorite shops. >> so how long have you been operating it after hours? >> we started at 6 o'clock maybe 4 years ago. >> all right. other than your attempted robbery do you have any other problems? >> no, just some vandalism and
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a broken window. >> what do you do to protect yourself. >> we have security cameras. >> and do you record. >> yes and why can't i find the police report. >> i have them. >> do you have commerce already in your business. >> inside the premises. >> and do you know if they were already - let me see mega cameras do i know that's specified here. >> so far as the brand. >> resolution. >> one of them uses the old - and i guess to answer that question what do you record them
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on a tape or hard drive and a d v r. >> so they're probably analogy. >> for one robbery in four years do i think you can still manage our business. >> we've not had a problem in tens years sins we've been here. >> so you're okay. >> when we open up in the morning there's a baker and building owner and - so what are your operating hours. >> 2 to 6 and a 2 in the afternoon to 6:00 p.m. >> then urge inform close at
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6:00 p.m. >> yes. >> wait i don't understand. >> you want to be open from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> oh. okay. >> question? >> go ahead. >> hello. i'm doing neighborhood contacts you listed 3 businesses here. i'm not familiar with those organizations what do those represent? >> one of them is the asian community center for station valley and the other one is the merchant within the neighborhood and what was the last one? >> there's a u b o o m. >> i don't remember which one that one was what was the extent
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of your communication with them. >> we were going to be open at 3 in the morning and if they would like to participate in the hearing. we contact all 3 of them and nobody had a problem with them as far as coming tonight no one else wanted to come >> and okay. thank you. >> did you go to the meeting of those organizations. >> we sent them an e-mail. >> so the idea is for you to leave our business and go out into the community and you are asking that community to allow you to have special privileges; right? so that's why i have to come in
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here and get a permit. so the idea of community outreach is to go talk to a them about the permit did you do anything like that? >> no. >> so you're on the drag where lows is. >> we're further down. oh, >> by the u-haul. >> what is your cross streets? >> sunny avenue. >> oh, you're a different doughnut shop so what's on your street besides you guys. >> on the boulevard there's a statute company next to us and on the other side is the automobile mechanics. >> so your industrial pretty
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much. >> yes. >> anybody >> the one he had was outdated and another incident the manager when they went in at 3 in the
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morning she forgot to activate it so for the protection of their employees as well as the patrons to have the variance camera that would be activated and a sensors to run 24 hours. >> so the video surveillance they had reported on a tape or d v r. >> i don't see the system but he had mentioned that it's manually activated and they had forgotten to turn it on. >> is it still the same system. >> he actually wanted to continue the hearing tonight but you guys weren't meeting until
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september. >> not till august. >> he thought if he got approval from you guys he could still operate not to impact the business and a okay and the crime for the area our part one crimes largest and burglary and as a result and a six months period over a half-mile radius from bay shore there was 53 thefts and 14 robberies and 3 assaults and one warrant arrest. on a bayshore it's an industrial area but behind it's residential and how do you think this business would impact those statistics. its been there for a long time
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is it help that that's opened >> yeah. in 6 month period there was only two incidents the robbery the night on april 8th and some type of a threat on april 6th other than that that was no calls for service. >> i was wondering about condition number 3 and number 9. so it says amplified sound is strictly prohibited >> we don't want music emulating out from the businesses. >> businesses can't have outdoor sound or sound escaping to a disturb people and so it wasn't you didn't want them to
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be able to say like a disk player or something like that a radio inside and a no, the mowers of operation so long as it doesn't impact the neighborhood the residents as well other businesses which i don't think is a problem. >> any other questions? >> i'd like to a open the comments to the public happy doughnuts. all right. public comments is closed >> commissioners motion. >> i'd like to move to approve this permit that with the police condition striking number 3 and 10 i'd like to scratch the part where the police department will
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have unlimited access to the premises. >> we have a motion do we have is a second. >> motion and is there further discussion. >> all right. to approve the motion (calling names) >> good luck. good doughnuts okay >> commissioner at an is here. the record will reflect that the commissioner is here. doing business as the battery for a plays of entertainment >> all right. this is for a place of entertainment it's a new private club still under
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construction. there is a extensive description their recommendation have been submitted and those are in your binder. we have two folks to tell you more. >> come on up. good evening john i'm with the law enforcement of rose here on behalf of the battery. now the battery is in final stages over at 717 on the street. the club will not be operated like a typical bar it's to provide a place for nonprofit community to gather and socialize. the restaurants on the lower two
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floors will not cause can nuisance to the gift. their sound proofing the building. and we're make sure we're in compliance with the sound ordinance. alcohol can be purchased between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and only an id card can provided access to the building. now the business will have a live dj and on weekends they've open a small dance area. now we accountant a significant mulch of neighborhood outreach. we've reached out to the two
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organizations. we went to a meeting which included the golden gate association and they were a happy with the bids. we met with the members of the so california neighbors and we've been in touch with the neighbors last week but they were supportive of the project and i have an e-mail from them. now the battery has hired someone to manage the club with a vast array of experience. i'd like to have him come up and speak to you >> good evening, everybody a little bit about me. i started off as a musician.
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i had some success solid 5 million records and i spent a lot of time bar tending and such. and now i moved into the restaurants and night club in the 90s. i was in new york and opened crowbar there. i ran man ray which is a hip restaurants slash ultra lounge celebrate investors and i ran a night club called mel's. also i moved to las vegas and i ran the one store mission restaurants that also had an ultra lounge generating 24
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million a year then i went to singapore. i ran the operations and i moved here to start work on the battery. and i've been involved in the process ever since then and making sure what we're doing it the right thing for the city >> i have a couple of questions why did you choose to open it as a private club? >> because the clubs in san francisco are fairly outdated. the battery is like a house model this is popular in no obligation i'm british and so is michael birch. so i was opening a british style club in the city with a
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different approach. no rules that really are from the old school. a lot more about people be able to imagination with a dive - >> there's a big difference from singapore and new york. i i mention you have a lot of experience. our law says no establishment may allow the premises to be sole legal for the private club between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. would you be willing to not
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conduct a private club >> i have no intention of opening during those hours we have hotel rooms in the building. for me a lot of the balance is i don't want the guests waking up me in the middle of the morning >> do you participate completely in the club. >> you can be a member of the public to rent a room and you become a member for the time in the establishment. so outside people can get the participation in the club >> and your attorney said something to the effect they'll be no cash exchange. >> there will be cash exchange by